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Definition of Instagram?

Instagram is one of the popular social media channels in the past four months. Instagram is known as an app used for snap and shooting photos with filtered function features, followers/followings, commenting/mentioning and sharing photos togethers. Instagram is now bought by Facebook and it is integrated with Facebook network.

In Kuwait users are using it differently, with impressed number of companies and businesses created Ramadan campaigns at Instagram by investing large amount of money with a trend of social media channel by sharing photos. Instagram is the way to sharing photos and commenting with your followers, but not used to market your business.

Contests could help way of marketing your product/service via photos on Instagram, but it is not used way to create contests and companies trying to get the followers data by Instagram which is legal terms that cannot be used.

I like to Instagram but getting bored of having large amount of mentions on the account [as you see above] to like their photo only for a contest that Company X made. Although in Kuwait it is used for capturing food photos only.

In conclusion, Instagram now is one of the apps used with Facebook and has high trend and demand of using it. I wish users and firms can use it correctly to enjoy of using it as one of the social media channels. 

Khalil AlHamar is a young Kuwaiti Entrepreneur started since 2010 by founding Edges Media. Edges Media is one of the agencies in Kuwait that are specialized in Multimedia. Although Khalil founded in 2011 Bloggers Gathering Community reached over 400 bloggers members in over Middle East. He began to be active in social media after starting his own blog called which is ranked within the top 30 blogs in Kuwait. Khalil is graduated with Business Management major and continuing, his hig