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The Internet Marketing Written Style Guide [eBook]

Improve the Writing Across Your Marketing Assets

Good writing is an indispensable part of a strong inbound marketing presence. We now find ourselves having to blog regularly, build web pages, create marketing offers, and post social media updates nearly every day. The_Internet_Marketing_Writtern_Style_Guide_Ebook_Cover

It’s time to equip yourself properly for this new role of a publisher. Download The Internet Marketing Written Style Guide to ensure that you’re publishing content that is well written, persuasive, and trustworthy.

Improving your writing across different marketing channels will solidify the credibility of your brand and help you build an image of a thought leader in your field.

In this Style Guide you will find:

  • What a house style guide is
  • How to create and implement your style guide
  • General style guidelines
  • Tips on capitalization, punctuation, attribution, and more

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