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The journey of a tweet [infographic]

Tweets via Twitter have increasinly become a major source of news amongst politicans, celebrities and people. Twitter has been spreading news around the globe at the speed of light. Lets take a look at the infographic below to witness the journey of every Tweet tweeted; how it evolves from 140 characters message to a Google news story.



Working as an e-Marketing specialist in Legend PAPI. Managing and responsible of (Social blog) as well as managing the company’s various social network accounts. Marketing Graduate from the University of Westminster in London. Social butterfly, a big fan of social media, advertising and football. Currently part of @ZainBahrain ‘s “I am the one” Campaign. 

  • Ahmed Fikree

    Love This info-graphic about how tweets do go in a lot of cycle and rises up the the top google stories I always wonder how does it work! Thank you Basma Amazign info-graphic to be shared and learn from them!

  • Diego Quinteros

    Amaizing work!
    Now, I just need to undertand it / so hard

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